Terms and Conditions


1. General:-

1.1 Phoenix Model Aviation Ltd is registered in England & Wales, registration number 5878179, VAT registration number 885 7158 71. The prices quoted on the website are inclusive of VAT where applicable.

1.2 Phoenix Model Aviation Ltd reserves the right to change prices without prior notice.

1.3 No credit of any sort is implied or given on any of our products or services.

1.4 All Payments made by cheque must be accompanied by a current cheque guarantee card, the limit of which must cover the total cost of the purchase.

1.5 Anyone wishing to purchase models, spares or accessories from us, should preferably call us 24 hours before coming along to the field.

1.6 If you are attending our flying site to either fly during a lesson, or fly solo for yourself, we implore you to take good care of yourself, bring any medication you need and during hot weather, we recommend suitable clothing, sun-block and due to our location and surroundings, you come prepared with any antihistamines necessary if you are a hayfever sufferer. Similarly, in the winter, we recommend good warm, preferably thermally lined clothes, a stout pair of warm boots like walking boots, a good warm hat and a pair of gloves for the time you are not actually flying. Also if you have things like pocket warmers or any other such winter outdoor equipment, please do bring it along. If you have any medical conditions or special requirements, these must be relayed to us prior to your arriving at the flying site.

2. Flight Training:-

2.1 All flight training is to be booked in a minimum of one hour slots.

2.2 If you arrive late for a lesson, you will only receive training for the remainder of your booked time slot, any time missed will still have to be paid for whether you are there or not.

2.3 If any lessons booked are cancelled or postponed for any reason other than the weather, this must be done at least 24 hours prior to the lesson, failure to do so will result in your being charged for the lesson whether you attend or not.

2.4 If your training has to be postponed due to inclement weather, we will simply rebook you for a mutually convenient time at no extra charge.

2.5 Whilst there is no minimum age limit for flying model helicopters, we do insist that anyone under the age of 16 be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. Furthermore, we recommend that anyone considering treating their child to flight training with us ensure that their child has suitable physical development (size) in their hands in order to safely operate the radio control transmitter functions. If in doubt, call us for guidance.

2.6 Flying lessons are to be conducted using our models and equipment, should you wish the instructor to test fly your model or demonstrate it’s capabilities, this can be done as part of the lesson. However, for various reasons, we do not use your models and equipment for training purposes.

3. Model Services:-

3.1 Phoenix Model Aviation Ltd take no responsibility for the condition of any model being setup by us. As we are setting up the model, not doing a full rebuild, whilst we will do our utmost to identify, advise you on and where necessary carry out remedial work on any deficiencies in the model, we might not be able to spot any hidden ones. We therefore take no responsibility for any damage caused during the test flight following a setup.

3.2 Phoenix Model Aviation Ltd reserve the right to withhold any model taken in for work of any kind until such times as payment in full is made for the job.

3.3 A deposit of a minimum of 50% of the order total will need to be taken prior to any model build commencing.

3.4 Radio equipment should preferably be purchased through us, or, you can provide us with your own radio equipment prior to any model build commencing.

3.5 Phoenix Model Aviation Ltd take no responsibility for any losses or damage caused to a model whilst in the possession of the owner, or whomever they choose to fly their model, following the successful supply or handover subsequent to any work carried out by ourselves.

3.6 Any model taken in to our workshop for work is on a 2 week turnaround period, we therefore aim to get the model back to you within 2 weeks. However, there are times, particularly when it is necessary to order in spares for your model that this might take longer, unfortunately some times significantly so. We do of course do our utmost to make sure parts are supplied and the work is done in a timely manner within the 2 week period. We will of course notify you of any significant delay in obtaining spares.

4. Pre Owned Equipment for Sale:-

4.1 All pre owned equipment for sale is sold strictly on a sold as seen basis, no warranty is implied or given unless explicitly mentioned otherwise in the item description.


5. Supply of goods policy:-

5.1 As Phoenix Model Aviation Ltd do not currently hold large volumes of stock, we may well need to order your product from it’s respective supplier. Whilst we make every effort to ensure that these products are delivered to you in good time (usually between 3 and 10 working days) this can occasionally take much longer which is beyond our control, so please bear with us on this.

5.2 Phoenix Model Aviation Ltd reserves the right to charge deposits for any special orders.

6. Returns Policy:-

6.1 Any products purchased from us can be returned for exchange or a refund, only providing they are returned with proof of purchase, all original packaging and in saleable condition. Furthermore, we reserve the right to charge a restocking fee where applicable.

6.2 Any faulty products returned to us with proof of purchase within the 12 month warranty period will, where necessary, be sent off to the respective supplier for inspection and approval of a warranty claim. This process can be expected to take around 3 weeks, however, it does from time to time take longer than this. In the mean time, you can either (1) wait for the outcome of the warranty claim to get your model back in the air, or (2) purchase the replacement for the faulty part from us, whereupon if the warranty is upheld, we will refund you the purchase price of the replacement part.

7. Flying Site:-

7.1 Anyone wishing to fly at our site whilst not in direct control of one of our instructors, i.e. during a lesson, must provide proof of BMFA insurance before flying.

7.2 On the rare occasions that no one is up at our flying site, we insist that whoever goes up to the site call us in advance of flying to let us know you are there, and call us again to let us know you are leaving the site once you have finished.

7.3 Care must be taken at all times to maintain the cleanliness of the site, therefore no litter or rubbish is to be thrown away or dropped on the ground. Please take all rubbish home with you.

7.4 Under no circumstances should there be any flying, or running up of models without blades in the pits area.

7.5 If you start your model in the pits area, you must without fail, always have a firm grip of the rotor head, if you can not do it yourself because you have forgotten to get something out of the car, then get someone else to help.

7.6 All flyers must ensure that the patches and flight lines are left free of foreign objects and debris at all times. If you are unlucky enough to crash, please collect and remove all debris from the patches and flight lines.

7.7 If the light conditions are such that you might loose sight of your model, then do not fly.

7.8 Under no circumstances will it be tolerated for anyone to fly over the pits and car park areas at any height.