Flight Training

We offer one to one dual control flight training using a method called the “Buddy box” system. This uses two transmitters connected together by a cable, one for the instructor and the other for the student. This method ensures the highest possible level of safety during the training process, as the instructor can take over complete control of the model at a moment’s notice, in order to recover from difficult situations.

This method also means that the instructor can give the student just the controls they can handle at any one time. This is a huge advantage when someone is learning to fly, as it gives them the ability to concentrate on just as many controls as they are comfortable with, without the need to worry about any of the others.

Our flight training starts with a basic overview of a model, what the controls are, and what they do. This will be followed by a overview of the transmitter, it’s functions, a brief description of their purpose and what effect they will have on the model.

Following this introduction, the lesson will progress to flying; getting to know the model and how it flies. This is when the real learning process starts in earnest. Any student who is already at either a basic, or an intermediate standard of flying will be started by having their basic flying technique assessed for any weak points - any that are found will be pointed out for the student to make a decision whether we spend some time working on them, or move on to something else.

The emphasis on our flying lessons is to have fun, so going over the drudgery of the basics again if you can already do them is no fun. We appreciate this, and will tailor our training to your abilities, working with you to progress your skills.

If you have a specific manoeuvre in mind, we can work towards being able to achieve it confidently and consistently. Most, if not all manoeuvres can be broken down into much smaller steps, so we can take them one at a time until you have reached the point where you can put all those small steps together into the overall manoeuvre. If however, you are reasonably confident about trying something at the field which you have been working on with a simulator, we can be on hand as a safety net to give you that boost in confidence to try it for real.

We appreciate that no one can predict the weather and that’s why we do not charge for any training cancelled due to weather conditions. The training is simply rescheduled at no cost for the next convenient date. You only pay for the time you train.

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